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From the Desk of Prophet Kathleen E. Lounsbury

Breaking Your Strongholds - Part I 

Faith in the Word of God always produces an action. It is the action or experience of the Word that makes it a reality. The Word of God states that greater is He who is in me, than he who is in the world. So Satan is not my problem. God is not the believer's problem. He loves us back and sent Jesus to buy us. Our old nature is the problem. We must bring that to the cross and let ourselves be loosed from its effects. The proof of your handling the Word of God correctly is evidenced in whether or not the will of God is prospering in your hands today. If it is not, you have inner strongholds causing you to oppose yourself & God. Hell can only sustain its agenda when it is not resisted. 

However, if we are divided we will fall. We must reconcile ourselves to ourselves.


Suspicion: Comes from being deceived, stops intimacy with God.

Doubt: Accompanies suspicion, often totally denied.

Independence: Rejection causes the building of independence and self- sufficiency around pain. This fortifies a right never to be vulnerable. Thus we are unable to be vulnerable to the Holy Spirit.

False Security: Happens when unmet needs exist. This stronghold projects great strength so no one will know how fragile we are.

Confusion: Masks the true understanding of a given issue or many issues.

Distrust: Prevents anyone getting close enough to betray again.

Control & Manipulation: Chaos, instability and everything seemingly out of control builds a stronghold of control to prevent being at the mercy of another.

Self-Indulgence: Built to justify and protect the right to indulge to compensate for pain.

Fear: Erected around great apprehension and anxiety over unresolved experiences.

We are our strongest when we realize we need His help for everything, from our breathing to our believing. What you believe about yourself may be more powerful in shaping your life than the truth.


Binding yourself to Jesus Christ is the same as praying the will of God into our lives. Bind truth to our lives, loose deception. Bind your thoughts to the thoughts of Christ.

Binding evil spirits: They attack the strongholds protecting wrong attitudes; patterns of thinking that protect wrong attitudes & patterns of thinking and belief. The doorway of access must be destroyed.



Patterns of Thinking




Habits & Behaviors learned from ungodly sources


Generational Bondages

Wrong Words (Word Curses)

Wrong Attitudes: We bind our mind to the mind of Christ & loose all wrong attitudes & strongholds around them. Wrong Thinking. We must bind our mind to Christ and loose every wrong thought. Loose wrong ideas. Bind yourself to truth. Loose any deceptions the enemy has brought, all wrong beliefs & any strongholds associated with them. 

Loose wrong behaviors; bind yourself to desiring Christ-like behavior. Bind your reactions and responses to the will of God. Only bind yourself to the absolute, known things of God, found within His will, the Word, the blood of Jesus, the mind of Jesus, the path of righteousness and His timing.



When we pass through a trial full of faith and forgiveness, we become more like fine gold. Hurt is forgotten only after you forgive.

SETTING OURSELVES FREE: A dangerous principle is to begin to pray for others to be set free and not ourselves. You must not neglect praying for your own spiritual needs. We must be convinced of the truth of our own standing in God, His love & Spiritual rights. Bind yourself to the will of God and loose the old things of your old nature.

I Peter 2:23,24

Forgiveness: If we refuse to revile, insult or threaten vengeance when we are wounded, we allow His wounds to heal us and others.

Loose former attitudes & old patterns of thinking and begin to react as Christ would.

Dealing with Anger: Get over your anger within 24 hours. Do not give the enemy a foothold. You continue to choose to forgive.

True forgiveness has a way of reducing a bad memory to nothing more than a fact of your past with no power to produce flash backs. If we do not forgive we open ourselves up to the tormentors. Their names could be: Fear, Anxiety, Disease, Mental Illness, Poverty or Nervousness.

Forgiveness is: A deliberate act of the will

Full pardon

Act of Love

Key to Freedom 

When betrayal or a wound from a friend or loved one knocks us down, forgiveness denies our carnal nature any right to cry out for pity, comfort or reassurance. It denies our right to protect our hurt, or tell our pitiful story. When you forgive, you are the one who has to pay. 

When the memories or the word curses come forth, keep binding yourself to Jesus and loose the old patterns of thinking, be free. Every time that thought comes to mind, bind it to Jesus and loose forgiveness. 

Forgiveness is an essential nutrient in our spiritual life. As we keep our hearts open to Christ, he will keep us moving toward positive results.

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